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Ukrainian military acknowledges it may have shot down flight MH17

From Fort Russ  July 26, 2015

BUK 312 - In Ukraine government terrotiry

BUK 312 – In Ukraine government territory

Ukrainian military acknowledges it may have shot down flight MH17

By Igor Korotchenko

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

An anonymous source in one of Ukraine’s security agencies said that the Malaysian Boeing was shot down as a result of an unauthorized Ukrainian Buk-M1 launch.

RIA Novosti reports citing a source in a Ukrainian security agency that the MH17 catastrophe may have been the result of an unanticipated situation during the training of one of Ukraine’s air defense units.

The anonymous source states the following: “On July 17 2014, the commander of the 156th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment was instructed to conduct missile crew training on providing coverage for Ukrainian ground forces in the suburbs of Donetsk, which entailed deploying the battalions, training target acquisition and tracking procedures, and carry out a simulated destruction of an aerial target using Buk-M1 missiles.” He said that battery commanders were issued launch keys, however, there were no plans to launch an actual 9M38M1 missile.

The training exercise involved two Su-25 aircraft, their task was to conduct aerial reconnaissance and designated training targets in the vicinity of Ukrainian troop concentration to the West of Donetsk.

The source: “After one of the aircraft entered Buk detection zone, it began to be tracked by a missile crew located near Zaroshchenskoye. In all likelihood, due to a tragic coincidence the flight paths of the Malaysian Boeing and the Su-25 coincided and, in spite of the altitude difference, were indicated on the Buk radar as a single target which proved fatal for the Boeing. If two targets are located on the same azimuth from the launch vehicle, the tracking system automatically shifts to the one which represents the largest radar target.”

SBU is trying to establish why the unauthorized launch took place. The source does not possess information about the course of that investigation.

We should note that the scenario described above is consistent with the results of the recent investigation conducted by Almaz-Antey. According to Russian experts, the Boeing was shot down by a 9M38M1 missile launched by a Buk-M1 system located near the village of Zaroshchenskoye which was under Ukrainian control.

Netherlands are conducting the main investigation of the July 17 catastrophe. The majority of victims were citizens of that country. Final results are expected in October.

J.Hawk’s Comment: I’ve translated the Almaz-Antey investigation presentation some months ago, and I also wrote more than once that whoever was shooting at the MH17 likely thought he was shooting at something else. And that “something else” was most likely deemed to be a Russian military aircraft intruding into Ukraine’s airspace. Because the airliner (which was following a non-standard route) would not only be visible as a significantly bigger target than the single-seat Su-25, it also would not be equipped with a Ukrainian military IFF. And to make things worse, Ukrainian press at the time carried not only stories about a Russian ground invasion of Ukraine, but also stories of Russian aircraft intruding into Ukrainian airspace. So what started as a training exercise may have morphed into “this is not a drill” shooting war scenario…

That’s the most likely Su-25 connection to the shooting, for my money. It is extremely unlikely the MH17 was shot down by an Su-25 because that aircraft is capable of carrying only short-range heat-seekers with small warheads that would not cause the sort of damage the MH17 sustained. If the MH17 was struck by an air-to-air heat-seeking missile, that missile would have struck one of its engines causing a engine fire but not much else–the warhead is too small to even blow off the engine. This, in turn, would have given the crew time to issue a mayday call and take other measures to try and save the aircraft. They were not able to do that because the cockpit crew was killed almost instantly by the heavy Buk warhead exploding in close proximity of the cockpit.

That still leaves the small matter of whether the anonymous source is legit and we have no way of knowing that. However, if that aspect of the story is true, it would indicate a certain desire to make amends with Moscow which of course implies the need to find a scapegoat…

Turchinov? Or how about the former SBU head Nalivaichenko who’s been spilling the beans on Turchinov’s corruption?

Or, again assuming that aspect of the story is legit, it might be an indication that the Ukrainian military might be in the mood for a little coup of its own to finally be rid of this crew of extremist mediocrities that passes for the country’s civilian leadership.

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- Michael Collins is a Washington DC area writer, researcher, and citizen journalist. Since 2005, Collins has tackled the subjects the corporate media ignores. His articles on the perversion of voting rights and elections culminated with a major study that showed the official story of the 2004 election had to be false. Collins series on The Money Party anticipated the thievery behind the financial collapse of 2008. He wrote extensively about the Susan Lindauer case, the U.S. intelligence operative that was indicted and locked in a psychiatric prison for months when she tried to tell Congress why the Iraq invasion was totally unnecessary. When no one in corporate media would talk to him, Collins did three major interviews with former Charles Manson prosecutor and leading crime author Vincent Bugliosi on his book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. Recently, Collins wrote about the disastrous Libyan invasion and the massive injustices of the U.S. attack on Syria. Today, Collins is focused on the propaganda and massive deception by the Obama administration and its NATO partners regarding the coup in Ukraine and attack by the U.S. supported government against its own people. Collins is a featured contributor to OpEdNews, one of top 100 political web sites on the internet. His home page is

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